Student Hardship Relief (SHR)

The SHR is open to individuals from last-year Bachelors, or fulltime Masters and PhD students.  The NIAS Relief is directed to offer emergency help for international students on a low income who may need extra help or financial support to be able to remain on their course once universities resume. Applicants will undergo a needs assessment prior to approval. Payments are usually grants or short-term loans depending on the specific circumstances and amount of help required.

Start your Application

To apply please forward your request to

Along with the applications form, write a maximum 250 words statement on why you believe that you would qualify for the NIAS Hardship Fund support and the level of support required. Once your statement is received, a member of the team will contact you to give further directions. Our best advice: be honest and to make sure you can prove the reason for applying and for the level of support requested. Good luck with your application! 

Files to download: