NIAS operates with its Panel of Experts to provide consultancy services in the following areas:
  1. Foresight
  2. Due Diligence 
  3. Expert Advice

Whether you are a future client or a current member, our Experts are on hand to provide consultancy via bespoke research, advice and guidance before making the next move on your Africa related programmes or projects. 

Our Experts regularly answer questions related to macro/micro-specific public policy and investment services.

If you are looking for a tailored analysis and a more personal touch, our Experts can assist in the following ways:

  • Respond to Ad-hoc queries:  verbal or written response to your questions on governmental policies, economic analysis, regulations or even planned changes that could affect your projects and/or company. Hourly rates are available on request.
  • Annual support contract: this service includes a minimum of two meetings or presentations per year, either at your offices or at our premises, at which our experts will present NIAS’s views and forecasts, as well as regular telephone contacts and an invitation to our seminars and conferences

NIAS guarantees considered opinions and unique practical solutions to keep you ahead of the competition and allow your crucial repositioning in ever-challenging, dynamic scenarios.  

Our 2021 research subthemes include:


  • Official Corruption & Civil Service Reforms 
  • Trade Infrastructure & Competition Policy
  • Climate Change Governance and Conflicts Management
  • Data and Communication Infrastructure Policy/Management
  • Public Finance Management & Fiscal Reform

For more information or assistance, please contact or call 0203 441 64666

1. Foresight

NIAS foresight aims to portray how the future may unfold according to an obvious, coherent and internally consistent set of expectations about key relationships and driving forces. Different from forecasting, foresight explores uncertainties to identify policy options and trade-offs. The general process will be characterised by a highly participatory dimension, involving skilled experts and people worldwide through surveys, workshops and interviews.

Despite all the success that the African nations have achieved in recent years, new and old dangers are still acute. Economic, political, and security-related issues continue to hinder development in the continent.  NIAS can work with you and your team to produce a foresight paper for your projects in Africa. 

Our approach is to work with your team to create a multi-stakeholders’ space for an experimental and safe discussion exploring the values of events and changes in your sector and identifying targets and new ways of policy interferences.

For more information or to submit a request, please click here to complete our short initial enquiry questionnaire.

Please contact or call 0203 441 64666 for support or questions.

2. Due Diligence 

Africa Due Diligence services are an important part of a comprehensive appraisal of a business or commercial opportunity to be explored by a prospective funder/investor client to:

  • establish partner assets and liabilities
  • evaluate commercial potentials

 Considering the post-Brexit and the global pandemic of the years 2020/2021, and with the significant decline in global growth and investment, it is important that companies find new growth opportunities. Africa presents a fertile route to expansion for your organisation. Therefore, de-risking your projects and investment in Africa will be a top priority in 2021. 

NIAS Consultancy will provide the evidence base for you to comfortably take the necessary steps to achieve your Africa goals this year. 

Some of the ways we can assist include:

  • Research and briefing on country/sector compliance 
  • High-level country consultations
  • Compile due diligence checklist
  • Arrange pre and post-visit briefings

For more information or assistance, please contact or call 0203 441 64666

3. Expert Advice

The Panel of Experts (PoE) is a handpicked team of specialists, consisting of high-profile academics and experts of industry from a diversity of backgrounds and with wide-ranging research interests. The PoE provide strategic help to NIAS to achieve its agenda, including but not limited to the ADAPT programme. The two main themes that the PoE will focus on are Public Sector Reforms and Economic Development in Africa. These themes will be divided into subthemes based on emerging global challenges and developments.

The subthemes include:

  • Agriculture
  • Capacity-building
  • Conflict resolution
  • Due diligence
  • Education
  • Food & health security
  • Law and justice
  • Sustainable mining
  • Renewable energy
  • Science and technology
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Youth development

The aim of the PoE is to supply expert advice and guidance into NIAS’s policy and research initiatives. Members of the PoE are contacted to advise on the subject area in NIAS’s research activities. The feedback and advice of the PoE allow better partnership with NIAS’s clients and associates and increase attention to detail in our studies. The members of the PoE are expected to:

  • Foster collaboration between the individual and NIAS
  • Produce detailed articles and technical papers
  • Maintain NIAS’ agreed scopes, outcomes, and benefits and promote the agenda
  • Monitor and manage the factors that may be out of NIAS’s capacity
  • Procure professional advice on decisions and initiatives
  • Participate in NIAS’ research and policy projects
  • Attend all scheduled NIAS assemblies and meetings either in person or online
  • Enthusiastically champion the network within and outside of work areas
  • Share all communications and information across all PoE Members
  • Contribute to our ‘Access to Experts’ feature
  • Notify members of the PoE if any matters arise that may be considered to affect the growth of NIAS

PoE members typically have a minimum of 10 years of post-qualification experience in their primary profession, not to mention a current awareness of and exposure to the market in their particular specialisation and geographical area.

The role is designed to be mutually beneficial to both PoE members and NIAS. The PoE also networks with our clients and associates to help them establish close ties with various firms and associations.

Please contact or call 0203 441 64666 for further enquiries.