Founded in 2000, the National Institute for African Studies (NIAS), is a non-profit think tank that advocates public policy initiatives and education schemes. The Institute has grown into a research organisation with offices in London, UK and Abuja, Nigeria. NIAS works with government agencies, local authorities, government-regulated industries and private sector clients to provide innovative, sustainable and economical solutions across a broad spectrum of business activities. Our teams focus on a wide range of multidisciplinary issues providing professional services in spheres of academic, governmental, and public agencies.

Our Geomap shows where our members are based.

Overview of services

NIAS is a think tank that looks to fill a gap in the global policy space by publicising voices from around the world. Our programmes are separated into several departments focusing on a range of thematic areas in Africa and global issues. The Institute’s agenda is divided into several departments:

  • NIAS Consultancy
  • NIAS Foresight
  • NIAS Panel of experts
  • NIAS Membership

Our core values concern equality, kindness, and professionalism, which we promote through research and studies. The researchers that run the programmes are coming from all over the world and practice a wide range of subjects. Each thematic area is developed through writing op-eds, analytical blog posts, and webinars. They are guided by a group of specialists from our Panel of Experts to work towards building a platform for intellectuals who want to contribute to wider social debate and the public good.