NIAS Ethics

NIAS services will support the principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and we are committed to keeping these principles in our policies, procedures and practices. Respect for human rights is and will maintain to be essential to our services.

We will venture to work with business associates who conduct their activities in a way that is well-matched with our policies with the respect to human rights and ethical rules. We will work with clients to ensure that contractual necessities do not infringe human rights.

We will take actions to ensure that the services and work of our employees do not compromise globally accepted human rights conventions, at the same time as recognising and upholding the diversity in local cultures throughout the different nations in which we operate.

NIAS’s services are fully directed towards supporting and helping the communities in which we function through a variety of means including charitable fund-raising, sponsorship of public projects and voluntary services by employees. We will conduct our services with respect and consideration for the good of local communities, taking steps to minimise any disturbance as a result of our operations. We will also contribute to the local community by providing opportunities and effective services and products.

NIAS business practice

We are dedicated to high ethical values in our services dealings to ensure the integrity of our employees and our organisation is maintained.

Bribery and corruption

NIAS services oppose any bribery and corruption in whatever form the may come. Gifts and entertainment may only be obtainable to a third party if they are reliable with customary business repetition in the relevant territory, are modest in value and cannot be interpreted as inducements to business. No financial or other incentives should be given to third party organisations or to individuals from such organisations in any circumstances, comprising government agencies and representatives.

Compliance with the law

NIAS services comply with all relevant national and international laws and will act in accordance with local guidelines and regulations. It is the responsibility of our managers to ensure that they are aware of all local laws and regulations which may affect the areas of the consultancy in which they are engaged, including tax and exchange controls.