Call for Papers

Call for Papers (The Saharan).pdf

The National Institute for African Studies (NIAS) is pleased to invite writers to submit their papers for The Saharan journal. We accept manuscripts related to the culture and development in Africa, from anywhere in the world. Whether you are a new author or have been previously published, NIAS would like to hear from you. The review process can take up to three weeks and you will be contacted once a decision has been made.

Please contact NIAS by submitting your Cover Letter at

The approved articles are usually between 4000-8000 words in length. Please read the Submission Guidelines of the journal for further details.

Your covering letter must include:

  • Your full name (and pseudonym if applicable)
  • Your postal address, contact number, and email address
  • Any details of past writing experience
  • An abstract and an estimated word count for your complete article