Virtual Internships

Virtual Internship Opportunities

A virtual internship is a one-to-one virtual experience with coaching and mentoring. The internship provides hands-on experience that will make the participants grow into influential leaders that can empower teams.

Remote/virtual internships enable ambitious professionals to develop a strong understanding of the structure and strategy of international organisations. Remote interns can gain experience with NIAS and other NGOs to tackle an extensive range of issues within the public policy and sustainable development spheres.

Responsibilities at virtual internships include:

  • Editing and writing academic content
  • Creating promoting materials
  • Organising and helping at events
  • Assisting with campaign methods
  • Conducting research for funding opportunities
  • Publishing and copyediting articles

Types of internships

Journalism internship

Our remote journalism internships enable driven media professionals to develop invaluable experience within the news industry. Online journalism allows to develop professionals by giving the opportunity to publish news articles, interview people, and review other media platforms.

Responsibilities include:

  • Drafting social media posts and website content
  • Writing blogs, press releases, newsletters and editorials
  • Gathering data and conducting research on relevant topics
  • Scheduling and implementing interviews and meetings

Publishing Assistant Internship

The role’s duties include supporting of the editorial process of The Saharan journal, a new interdisciplinary journal published by NIAS aimed at exploring the dynamic relationship between culture and development in Africa.

Responsibilities include:

  • Support the editors in the production of blog and journal publications
  • Checking material for completeness, copy-edit and check appropriate non-technical material such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter updates
  • Generate, check and correct files with names, contact information, number of articles, review assessments, and consent forms.
  • Use your LinkedIn account to connect to academics and groups to promote the journal, acquire papers, and attract skilled scholars to become reviewers
  • Coordinate the publication flow of the journal and all stages of the editorial processes upon the release of each issue
  • Review and adjust publications according to the style of the journal, ensuring the correct usage of references and plagiarism checking

Research assistant

The position would appeal to individuals who are looking to gain experience and detailed knowledge on the cultural, socio-economic and political dynamics of Africa. The core task of the Research Assistant is to provide research and administrative support to the NIAS London office. A substantial part of the research work will focus on Sahel countries’ affairs and international relations revolving around them.

Responsibilities include:

  • Carrying out basic study, data-gathering and desktop research under the direction and a supervision
  • Organising materials in effective and replicable manner
  • Performing, as required, basic administrative tasks, which comprise general office administration, scheduling, supporting in organising NIAS events and assisting the supervisor to attend external conferences
  • Promoting new ideas along with completing existing projects
  • Demonstrating the ability to multitask, meet deadlines and demonstrate initiative and autonomy while working under supervision
  • Embracing both administrative and research duties as career development

To apply for a role send your CV and a covering letter to