The DevCraft Project

The organisation’s exciting new initiative, the DevCraft Project (DCP) focuses on providing a platform that nurtures promising talent. It is a medium through which budding writers, thinkers and change-makers can represent unheard voices of Africa. The DevCraft Project, as well as our forthcoming Journal of African Culture and Development, The Saharan intends to cultivate a creative engagement with contemporary Africa by focusing on how artistic output generates and sustains development on the continent and across its diaspora. Contributions from authors are expected to fit in broadly with this concern and should generally pursue to address an informed but diverse, audience.

The project will introduce young researchers and hone their hard and soft skills through conferences, symposiums and personal training. Training involves providing editorial support to authors from presenting their ideas to publishing work onto The Saharan as well as prestigious journals worldwide. Through this project, we hope to introduce more authentic African voices that do not make it into the mainstream. Publishers often overlook the divergent but educational perspectives from various cultures within the continent.

By aligning content with our vision and polishing writing skills, the DevCraft Project allows African thought to be showcased from a unique approach.