The users and their access

The ADP is hoping to help a vast array of stakeholders in understanding development in Africa. Such stakeholders may include UK government departments, charities, businesses, high-net-worth individuals, students and researchers, African communities themselves…


Different types of access for different users: Although the bulk of the data will remain free of use, access to certain content which is of more interest to large organisations will not be in order to sustain the ADP

  • Free access: The base service will remain free of charge and will provide users with access to data, as well as basic commentary and analysis.
  • Premium access: Premium access for corporations, charities and governments will provide more in-depth data, greater levels of analysis and specifically tailored advice and consultation.
  • Association: Alliances with current data providers will be created. NIAS will subscribe to such organisations to obtain new data and make it more widely available; in return, current providers will gain access to new customer bases.