Projected long-term outcomes

Targeted intervention → The development community will be able to fully consider what has already been done and will therefore be able to target support where it is most needed.  

Value for money → Targeted interventions mean that UK donors will know every penny of their donations will be used efficiently.

Reduced cost → Wasted funds will be much reduced as spending becomes more targeted, decreasing the overall cost of interventions.

Accountability → Donors will be able to access information on how their money is being spent, allowing them to hold organisations to account to a much greater extent.

Recognition → Projects and investments of a high standard will be recognised publicly, showcasing the good work of these organisations. NIAS commentary will highlight these examples, allowing other database users to learn from them.

Increased investment → African countries will receive greater levels of well calculated investment as more information on risk, benefit and opportunity becomes available.

Diversification of economy → Levels of investment from UK corporations in Africa will increase considerably, which is vital for a diversified economy.

Sustainable livelihoods → Trading opportunities will be developed significantly, creating sustainable jobs for more African people. In addition, development projects will be implemented with greater consideration of the long-term impacts.