African Academic Platform Project


The African Academic Platform (AAP) launched in late 2019 with the idea to develop writers and early career academics around the world to promote the African agenda.

AAP is based at the National Institute for African Studies (NIAS) in London, UK, but its members are spread anywhere around the globe. The platform welcomes scholars from various disciplines that are willing to promote inclusivity and compassion. To become a member, we ask for a contribution of a £30 annual fee. If you are an asylum seeker or a scholar under the risk of punishment for speaking your opinion feel free to ask for a free membership.

The AAP project will introduce young researchers and hone their hard and soft skills through conferences, symposiums and personal training. Tutelage involves providing editorial support to authors from presenting their ideas to publishing work onto NIAS’s The Saharan journal as well as other prestigious journals worldwide. Through AAP, we hope to introduce more authentic African voices that do not make it into the mainstream. Publishers often overlook the divergent but educational perspectives from various cultures within the continent.

We hope that by aligning content with our vision and cultivating academic writing skills, the AAP will progress African thought to be showcased from a unique approach.

Dele Bello-Williams, NIAS Executive Director

Become a member 

We accept membership application from individuals who are current/graduated students, people who are drafting/undertaking PhD proposals, and early career researchers and academics.

If you would like to claim your membership cost as a researcher expense, please choose the ‘generate invoice’ option.

Your payment will proceed only if your candidacy is successful.