Advisory & Consultancy


Whether you are a future client or a current member, our experts are on hand to provide support. Our members of the Panel of Experts regularly answer questions related to our publications to our macro- and micro-specific public policy services. If you want a tailored analysis and a more personal touch, our experts can assist in the following ways:

  • Ad-hoc queries: for questions about governmental policies, economic analysis, regulations or even planned commercial changes that will affect your company. Hourly rates are available on request
  • Annual support contract: this service includes a minimum of two meetings or presentations per year, either at your offices or at our premises, at which our experts will present NIAS’s views and forecasts, as well as regular telephone contacts and invitation to our seminars and conferences


NIAS is a globally operating multidimensional Think Tank that provides consultancy services. We believe in improving the value of life as well as collectively by focusing the basics of personalities and cultures. NIAS experts reach out to societies at their grass root level: at schools, colleges, universities, public gatherings, and work places. Our main areas of expertise fall into two broad categories within the African context: public policy and institution reforms within the context of optimal economic development strategies for mass poverty reduction. The subthemes are:

  1. Public Finance Management & Fiscal Reform
  2. Civil Service Reforms (Staff Planning)
  3. Reforms in Trade Infrastructure & Competition Policy
  4. Reforms to Climate Change Governance and Conflicts Management
  5. Reforms to Data and Communication Infrastructure Policy/Management

The NIAS advisory policy provides professional opinions and services. Although it conducts its own in-depth research and analysis on the areas of its focus, it also refers to secondary data and public opinion in good faith. The correctness, authenticity and time-validity of secondary data and public opinions cannot be guaranteed and NIAS accepts no responsibility in this regard.

At the public policy level, NIAS supports government, public sector organisations, autonomous bodies, international development agencies, international organisations, non-governmental (NGOs) and academic institutions. NIAS provides in research, analysis, review, inquiry, advocacy, idea generation, model building, repositioning recommendations and actions. NIAS has expertise covering public policy, economic policy, national productivity, youth employment, transparency and governance, security, domestic and foreign affairs, education, health, discipline, food security, environmental and science technology.

At corporate level, NIAS supports in strategy formulation and implementation, research, investment advisory, corporate finance, corporate governance, organisation design and development, restructuring, performance management, risk assessment, forensic investigation and brand development and management. With the variety of expertise, NIAS synergises its outputs and provides valuable results.

NIAS contributes towards the improvement of society through various interventions, particularly focusing on public policy & institutional reforms in the context of economic development in Africa. Issues are analysed in depth to develop proactive solutions that produce measurable results and substantial impact on the bottom line in a sustainable manner. Our experts take personal pride in our clients’ success.

NIAS provides consultancy from highly-skilled experts with decades of experience and a proven track record of success. Our experts and researchers develop and deliver considered opinions and unique practical solutions to keep you ahead of competition and allow your crucial repositioning in ever-challenging, dynamic scenarios.  

For more information or assistance, please contact or call 0203 441 64666