Welcome to NIAS

Founded in 2000, the National Institute for African Studies (NIAS) is a non-profit think tank that advocates public policy initiatives and education schemes, filling a gap in the global policy space by publicising voices from around the world. The Institute has grown into a research organisation with offices in the United Kingdom and Africa.

NIAS works with government agencies, local authorities, non-governmental organisations and private sector partners to provide innovative, sustainable and economic solutions across a broad spectrum of subjects. Our teams focus on a wide range of multidisciplinary issues providing professional inputs in spheres of academic, governmental, economic and public infrastructure agencies.

NIAS, through its world-class research bases, produces a wide range of high quality and impact outputs, including our flagship open-access journal, The Saharan,  that explores the dynamics between culture and development in Africa.

Our core values are centred around; equality, respect, freedom of thought, and professionalism, which we promote through our research and programmes. The researchers that deliver the NIAS programmes & initiatives are from all over the world and practice backgrounds.  They work within a variety of modern & innovative settings. They are guided by NIAS’ specialist Panel of Experts in their work towards building a platform for global change makers.

What change are you trying to champion in society?  How can we help?  Join us today.

Blog Articles

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